Almost Asian “Karaoke” feat. Horatio Sanz

A night out at a legit karaoke bar for Katie and her friend, Horatio, proves to be possibly less than pitch perfect.


Follow online series from creator, Katie Malia, as she stumbles through life in Los Angeles as a half-Asian mix.Half-Japanese. Half-German. 100% CONFUSED.


Producer/Writer/Actor: Katie Malia
Featuring: Horatio Sanz and Cary Y. Mizobe
Additional Cast: Keisuke Akizawa, Mari Endo, Lillian Lam, Gordon G. Lee, Michelle Malizaki, Hitoshi Masaki, James Quach, Michael Sun Lee, Harry Du Young.
Director: Joel Kazuo Knoernschild
Producer: Sunanda Sachatrakul
Camera Ops: Chris Schieffelin and Barry O Donnell
Camera Assistant: Javier Barajas
Editor: Barry O Donnell
Sound: Jean Paul Robelot
P.A.: Kelsey Barrett
Special Thanks: Malo Restaurant, Shane Liem, Nicole De La Torriente & Max Karaoke